Pregnancy, Birth, Antenatal and Postnatal Counselling

What does it meas to conceive – become pregnant – to give birth – and to become a parent? 

Or…… what does it mean NOT  to be able to conceive –  NOT to become pregnant  –  NOT to give birth – and  NOT to become a parent?

I have found this powerful and primal time to have many different meanings for each person.

I have often seen how even in the early stages of pregnancy – one’s own early life can be revisited. This can bring joyful or painful emotions to the surface. Aspects that may have lain dormant now feel as though they are paramount and can feel overwhelming. Often expectant mothers complain of having nightmares or very vivid dreams – an indication that deeper processes may be rising to the surface of our consciousness.

This may affect our opportunity to experience the pregnancy in the here-and-now.

This therapy  also acknowledges the Losses during this time. These losses can be the loss of how we see ourselves – our identity – or  the loss of the ability to conceive or of a body function or sadly, of a loved one during this time.

Our life journey does not move forward without leaving something behind.

We are thus all familiar with the sense of mourning.

The therapy process gently looks at the issues that you choose to bring  – in a safe, nurturing space – allowing the stories and experiences of your life to be heard.

The aim is that by having the opportunity to share – one can become aware of the origin of these powerful emotions and in so doing, find the meaning behind them – freeing yourself up to experience your pregnancy and parenthood more clearly, unburdened by the filters of past experiences.

Issues around conceiving and having children are tremendously primal and deep. Generational attitudes  – subtle or overt-  tend to filter down into our perceptions, beliefs and behaviours – of who we are in relation to this role of reproduction.

Sometimes we are unaware of  baggage we  carry that is not ours but rather  a burden of our parents or even their parents. Attitudes and beliefs from the past can be very crippling to how we approach our own sense of agency in where we see ourselves within the reproductive paradigm.

Perinatal therapy (therapy around the theme of birth) – holds these underlying themes in mind whilst walking with you at your pace in your journey.

Couple role  changes

Unexpected relationship changes


The relentlessness of it all …

Hour by hour survival

Feeling alone

Isolated even within a loving relationship

Betrayed by your body