Specialist Birth to Three Counselling

Birth to Three counselling is a specialist psychotherapy focusing on the new relationship between the Mother and Baby (or Father and Baby – or whoever is the main caregiver ).

Babies come with their own temperament and personalities. They take a while to learn how to draw our attention in just the right way or to figure out a good feeding position whether it’s on the boob or the bottle.

While Baby is taking a while to figure us out – we are trying to figure out our baby – how best to make sure we can not only keep him/her alive but provide the very best in everything we do for maximum development –  and  – do no damage.

Whew! The stakes are high!  ….. Our brand new relationship comes with more ways to fail than succeed.

This does not happen in isolation. We may have other children who need our love and attention – some who may have special needs. We may have a partner who is suddenly relegated to the back seat (sometimes literally!). If we are the main caregiver, we may feel vulnerable – suddenly relying on others financially, feeling sleep deprived, foggy-brained and resultantly an emotional see-saw.

I will see you and your baby together so that I can gain an understanding of how communication is between the two of you. During the sessions, I observe Baby to see what he or she is trying to communicate and what that communication may mean in this new relationship.

Issues and concerns that Mothers or Parents often bring are: feeding, sleeping, crying, developmental or bonding concerns.

Sometimes parents will be concerned about a medical problem, a disfigurement or birth defect. How does this impact Baby?  or how do they resolve this within the family/creche or community?

A thorough history is taken with all medical details and any interventions or specialists that have seen your baby.

All therapy is done at a slow and gentle pace in a safe, nurturing environment. All assessments are free of judgment. I know this is a vulnerable time and many of our ” uglier”  sides are exposed at this time.

Many of my clients have spoken of this as the most difficult time of their lives. My clients express what a relief it is to have someone with whom they can share ALL of what they are experiencing.

Clients volunteer that being heard relieves them of a great burden of secrecy and shame (at not being good enough) and improves their family and partner relationships in unanticipated ways.

It may be useful for both parents or significant partners to attend at times.

It does take courage to make the first appointment with an unknown therapist. In my experience – it is the first step that has always been the most difficult and a huge relief experienced in that first session.